Five Hilarious and Terrifying Horror Movies to Get you in the Halloween Mood

It’s about that time again! Break out your slutty kitten costumes, cause it’s Halloween! And that means getting super wasted and making terrible choices only to realize you didn’t take off your clown makeup before you went to bed last night so now it looks like someone killed a unicorn in your bed.

Now, I can’t help you choose a costume. I am the all-time worst at costume-choosing. But I can help you find a hilarious and terrifying horror film to celebrate the season.

I have seen approximately a thousand horror movies. Terrible and great alike. Slasher flicks. Torture porn. D-level gore fests. You name it, I’ve wasted my time watching it.

But I think my all-time favorites are those movies which bleed between horror and comedy. There’s something really awesome about a movie which terrifies and amuses all at once. So without further adieu, here are my five favorite horror comedies, just in time for Halloween.

Slither (2006)

Before Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn (Jenna Fischer’s incredibly lucky husband) was making all kinds of weird shit for D-list movie house Troma Productions (home of the infamous/disgusting Toxic Avenger films). But after that, he made Slither. Which is fucking awesome.

It combines a sort of B-movie atmosphere with a super-gross slug invasion plot. Honestly, the more I explain it, the less you’ll want to see it. Just listen to Ty Burr of the Boston Globe: “At last: the mutant alien redneck zombie movie the world has been waiting for.”

Enough said, no?

Also. It’s pretty gross.

Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Oh, meta-horror. You’re such a great invented genre.

Joss Whedon (Avengers, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series) made this love story to horror films right before Avengers and, luckily, since everybody loves Iron Man and Captain America, this movie got another chance to shine.

Without ruining any of the plot (though honestly, even the trailer reveals quite a bit), Whedon makes us reflect upon what it is about horror movies we really love, while also enjoying the actual terrifying aspects of horror.

I will say that it’s a little on the gorier side. So if you have a weak stomach… well. Yeah. Sorry? But it’s worth it. It is not your typical horror film.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Man oh man. Talk about your criminally underrated films which nobody has seen. This brilliant take on horror flips the entire script in reverse, showing us the film from the perspective of the alleged killers as a bunch of teenagers mistake a couple of rednecks for mass murderers and, then, well… hi-jinx ensue!

The movie manages to ratchet up the bizarre and hilarious misunderstandings which typically end in disgusting and hilarious deaths. It’s a truly funny movie for those who can stomach it.

If you don’t laugh at this trailer, I think there’s probably something wrong with you.

Evil Dead 2 (1987)

“But Josh, what about the original Evil Dead? Don’t I need to see it?”

No. No, you do not. Because it is literally the same exact movie. Except with a bigger budget. But otherwise it’s fucking identical. I mean, I guess some stuff is slightly different, but honestly.. it’s like the first movie never happened.

Sure, Army of Darkness is silmliar, but I think Evil Dead 2 is the peak of the series. This was horror comedy before horror comedy was cool. It’s campy but also scary. And Bruce Campbell is absolutely awesome as the lead.

The trailer gives you an excellent idea of what to expect from this eye-ball popping, chainsaw-beheading film. And the production values? Total, utter shit.

Shaun of the Dead (2006)

The unchallenged King of Comedy Horror.

Other movies have tried to replicate it, but there is nothing quite like the original zombie comedy horror film. The brilliant cast fit the film perfectly. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost kill it as the not-quite-grown-ups attempting to survive this zombie apocalypse in spite of themselves.

This movie also has heartfelt, devastating moments. And a few legitimate scares. Somehow, it manages to retain elements of horror while also making us root for the unlikely hero in Pegg.

Now let’s all go down to the Winchester for a pint until this whole thing blows over.

Now without delay, why don’t you blow off the rest of the day and go watch some bloody mayhem.